Floral arrangements for events

The floral arrangements for events are one of the key factors to succeed. It´s not only that the environment should be good, decoration has also a lot of importance. It is a fact that every event will depend of each person but, without a doubt, having the best floral arrangements for high end events, a wedding or any other similar celebration is essential.

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arreglos florales para eventos

As we have seen in 2017 and the beginning of 2018, floral arrangements in glass jars are the ones that are winning out. Yes, we are talking about the typical preserving crystal jars for example. They became a growing trend thanks to the big variety of ways to combine them.

With candles, with flowers (the most visible and seen), some of them at the same time… Another good thing about them is the good disposition when placed, they look good in any place, as a centerpiece, as a way of decoration in an entrance or even hanging from the ceiling. Its simplicity allow them to be decorated to your own belong, a kind of “make it yourself” in this type of floral arrangements but executed by expert hands. They function as a jar at the same time they set a trend.

The best idea is always mixing different jar styles and sizes, older, more squared, more rounded, etcetera. They look better if when placed over a base, a wood base for example (looking like a tree trunk). A floral arrangement will go in decorated jars or painted in the tones that can be better associated with the style and colors of the event. There are many possibilities: twines or decorative stripes around, colored soil and flowers. Sometimes adding pictures or lights to them give them a special touch and they help us to create a magical environment.

Playing with those floral arrangements is ideal. We will advice you with the different type of flowers, for example: lilacs, daisies, or some other wild flower. The vintage or indie style is a tendency in weddings.

We can play not only with the size of the jars but also with the size of the flowers. We will cut the stems in a different manner, some higher than others, with more or less density, mixing the flowers by colors… This touches will give that dynamism of the current trend.

Remember that flowers in white shades, lilacs, and even the green herbs, are compounded to give a special touch in every centerpiece or floral decoration in the venue. Playing with the colors, sizes, dimensions and styles will make your celebration an occasion to remember.

Decoration for events

Decoration for events plays a fundamental role in the full range of the celebration, mainly , if you want to make this experience something unforgettable. Although it depends on the style and taste of every person, the themed decoration are a tendency. Every day more people join the trend of celebrating their wedding, birthday or any other type of event under the concept of a film, a band or a hobby theme. And, of course, all this will be a key element in the decoration of your event.

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That said, the first thing we have to do is thinking about the type of event. ¿What is it about? A wedding, a birthday, a dinner, a friends reunion… The type of event will set the the whole theme related with its decoration. Once we differenced that, the second step will be thinking about how we want the place look like either is your house, a restaurant, etc…

If you have thought about the style that you want to give to all the decoration now is time to think about what are you going to have. Photocalls about the event theme, decoration elements like giant pictures, typical decoration elements like balloons, confetti, etcetera.

If, for example, you are going to celebrate your wedding, now XXL letters with the initials of the couple names in a with white finish are a trend. They are usually set in the entrance of the living rooms or venue and the gardens for the photos they are taken later. Also the indie and vintage style are seen in this type of events. For this reason, decoration outdoors with tents and white lights is a good choice. Along with this the panels with photos as a reminder or the photocalls in the street with a concrete theme and big sets. Most of them are made in cork but they don´t look evident to the naked eye.

But it´s not only about the outdoor decoration but also the indoor. Tables in this type of events usually bring the most vintage designs possible with the food menus made over papyrus and rolled with ropes, the floral arrangements in crystal jars and decorated with the best wild flowers in light colors.

Surely the decoration for events is a whole world that makes a difference and makes your event to jump from something good to something excellent.

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Decoración floral para hoteles - hotel floral decoration
Arreglos florales Marbella - Floral Arrangements Marbella

Events decoration company

The events decoration company is the best option to carry out an event of certain importance. The number of professionals and businesses in this field who are experts in organizing the decoration in this one time in life moment event is increasing fast. ¿The reason? Because we don´t longer look at the event itself but in its decoration. A well decorated event taking care of every single detail will be much better than other one that doesn’t´t.

Guests don´t only enjoy the moment with the closest people, they also enjoy it because they have elements to do so. That´s why it is very important to decorate the event for everyone´s taste, giving it a especial look and feel that creates a good environment which is a guarantee of fun ( adding photocells or XXL letters ). Encouraging people to take pictures, sharing them, etc, is the actual trend and will make people remember the event forever.

As you can see there are so many things that you can´t have everything on mind. For this reason, more and more people think about hiring the services of an specialized event decoration company to make their dreams come true without having all the stress of the organization.

Floral arrangements for hotels

The floral arrangements for hotels offer a big variety of benefits when you want to convert your wedding event into a magical day. If you choose the right hotel you also have to choose the best type of floral arrangement taking care of the decoration from the entrance till the rooms.

You need to pay attention to the originality and, of course, the freshness. For example, big lilacs placed in the hall will give an incredible welcome.

Don´t forget to choose the right flowers, they should be trending and match the season. A plus point to celebrate these events in hotels is that they always know when to change the floral decoration, depending on the season and trend. Knowledge is without any doubt a very important point to value.

Colors are also a key factor. They must combine with the venue. We are sure that every time you go to a hotel the flowers you see make you feel happiness, elegance, care, tranquility… This decoration also make your guests feel comfortable. Try to choose the best options to create this cozy ambience that is always nice.

Lastly, decorating your guests doors with a floral detail is also a great way to finish the celebration in a good way. Something that will make them like home. The value of details are huge. They will put your event in a high level of excellence.

Floral arrangements in Marbella

Finding the best floral arrangements in Marbella that match your event is really important.

If you have already chosen the theme of your wedding or event, the way you would like the decoration, etc, you should also think about the company that will provide you with those selections, choosing the right one is essential.

Everything has to be flawless. In addition, since the very first moment you decide to celebrate a big event your time is very limited and it is very difficult to be organizing at all times.

Here is where the presence of an expert in this sort of things to advice you is crucial. With the objective of planning everything perfectly and choosing the best decoration, theme and location as you thought.