Floral arrangement in Marbella

The floral arrangement in Marbella has become a trend and it´s not surprising. It is one of the key factors in the event organization. Having a good decoration that matches with the type of event and its features make the difference for the guests and hosts.

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Decoración floral en Marbella

One of the most common and efficient options when decorating a party or a special occasion like a wedding or birthdays are, without any doubt, the flowers. Flowers add color, good energy, joy and a great aroma, so they are great to use them in the interest and creating cozy and elegant environments adapted to the nature of the celebration you want to make.

So, if you want to include flowers in your special event you can count on us. Victoria Florista is one of the leading companies in floral decoration in Marbella thanks to the work of a team of professionals with proved experience in all kind of events. Our team will be, with their creativity and good work, the ones who will advice you to design and elaborate wonderful floral arrangements and any other decorative element that will fill your celebration with magic and sophistication.

When we are celebrating an important occasion it´s logical to try to make it as more special as possible in order to create unforgettable memories.

This is one of the reasons that inspire people to hire floral decoration services. Decoration is a very important aspect, our comfort will depend on it and it will also make something come from ordinary to extraordinary. For that reason, we don´t have to overlook it and much less when the events are a special occasion as a wedding or an anniversary where flowers have a main rol that we must take in our advantage.

Doubtless, if you start thinking about your wedding, flowers are present in every single thought: you have them in the bridal bouquet, in the venue and also in the centerpieces during the wedding feast.

Even they are very seen in weddings, flowers are also present in parties, baptisms, holy communions, anniversaries or elegant dinners. As we said before, flowers are the decorative element par excellence and we can use them to add freshness and elegance to an infinity number of celebrations thanks to the big versatility they have.

Certainly, these little details are the ones that make a difference in any situation, making the celebration as unforgettable and wonderful as we always dreamt.

Our work is mainly focused in listening the needs and preferences of our customers and adapt them to our creations, In this way we can very unique pieces that reflect their personality in the best way, giving that different touch without giving up the originality.

In addition, another positive aspect about delegating this sort of things in an expert company in floral decoration in Marbella with a large experience like ours also means saving time and resources in the event organization but also being always relaxed and having the guarantee of knowing that the result will meet your expectations achieving something incredible.

Our flower decoration company is specialized in weddings and high level events. Some of our services consist in the elaboration of floral centers and floral arrangements and any other type of decoration related to flowers. In essence, our work is giving the special touch to any situation or event to convert the celebration in a positive and magical impact in the collective memory.

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Floral centers

Floral centers, or commonly called centerpieces, are usually the most used option in the decoration for wedding suites. There is nothing that decorates and gives more glamour as much as flowers do. However, this type of centerpieces also have some other applications that we must remember

They are very used by hotels to give that fresh, cozy and elegant environment. The venues that use this type of decoration in common areas, such as corridors or receptions, give a really good customer service image. In addition, it is very common to use flowers to welcome a special guest. In this sense, leaving a floral center in the suit of our most precious customer will let him know our care and also our wish for him to have a good experience.

The seasonal celebrations as Christmas are one of those events we take extra care about. Setting a floral center including foliages and seasonal flowers will bring that christmas spirit giving life to the space.

Company dinners are also some of the acts where floral centers can have a very important role as the let us use the symbology in the type and color of flowers. In this sense, we can communicate the values and character that the brand aims to transmit to his workers in a very sophisticated and elegant way.

Floral arrangements

Floral arrangements are, regarding weddings, to one of the most important aspects. They have to be really beautiful but they don´t have to overshadow the couple.

In Virginia Florista, for a very special like that, we like to use neutral colors and pastel shades in white, pink and lilac using very concrete flowers as roses and gardenias, which inspire romanticism and love, the kind of feelings that prevail in the weddings.

For birthdays, as they are more casual and festive, we have more freedom to use more intense colors as red yellow or orange, which will give all the vivacity and positivity that these events need. Roses are present here again accompanied by orchids and tuberoses. Birthdays, generally speaking, allow much more daring when we prepare floral arrangements.

The first Communion is another beautiful occasion  in which, as in weddings, the floral arrangements are the most commonly used to decorate the church.
However, although they are events charged with the solemnity required by any religious ceremony, they have a much more relaxed character, as the protagonists are children. The pureness , tranquility, calm and childhood are concepts that should have their reminiscence in the decoration, and nothing better for it than roses and, above all, the white color, so we advise you to opt for those guidelines to ensure that the First Communion of your son or daughter will be a real success.

Decoration and floral arrangements

The decoration and floral arrangements are two concepts closely linked. The flowers have proven to be the ideal complement to turn any space into a cozy and stylish environnement.

There is nothing more beautiful than nature and being able to put it at the service of decoration is an art that only great professionals can do. For this reason they become the first option when we think of decorating any event or how to surprise someone. Flowers have a special meaning  and  a strong emotional charge that can be exploited in our favor creating exceptional compositions with which to entertain your guests. Don’t miss the opportunity to turn your celebration into something really exceptional thanks to the type of decoration offered by the floral arrangements.

Finally, in order to generate a good impact in the event it should be pointed out that we need to count on a specialized company in charge of the creative, artistic and technic process giving, naturally, the ideas and feedback that we wish to add into the event.

Even you can feel tempted to organize all the decoration and arrangements by yourself, in order to perform this works in the best way possible, it is much better to hire a professional service and high quality product up to the expectations for that special day. So, do not hesitate and, to shape your idea, please refer to our large catalogue which will satisfy any need you have. We will be really pleased to help you to make your dreams come true in that special day, counting with the quality and security guarantee of a company like Virginia Florista.