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We are a flower shop in Marbella specialized in weddings.  We take extra care of the details as we think they are the key element for one of your most special and emotional events of your life. We will always meet your expectations.

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Our experience as florists will give that romantic, stylish and colorful touch that every wedding needs. The floral planificación is the consequence of a study of the personality and style of the couple. Every flower matches better with a type of person, a memory, to that first flower that you received, that flower bouquet that is very traditional to have in the wedding. In Virginia Florista we treat this professionally in a very caring and empathic way.

Our florist experts in Marbella know the importance of the floral symbology. They will be in charge of choosing the type of flowers that match better to you, your couple and the style of the event designed for you. They will know exactly where and how they should set them to have a spectacular result.

The different aromas will also be studied depending on the space where flowers will be placed, creating more sophisticated or fresh environments depending on the intention.

We want you to look backward and see the good work done. You´ll see that the election you made couldn’t´t be more accurate. You´ll have the feeling that we created a emotional link which goes further than a simple design and you will prove that we achieved the most important thing for us: knowing you and understand you.

We all have assisted sometime to a wedding and we could check the importance of the floral motifs. Either the venue, the wedding car or even the couple themselves, flowers are always present giving joy and color to every single memorable moment that you will live in that very special moment of your life. Roses, marguerites, violets, jasmines, hydrangeas, tulips, orchids… The options are multiple and along with your ideas, we will get inspired to include the type of flowers that match better for you in your wedding.

In addition to the floral compositions and contrast of color, which will not leave anyone indifferent, every flower has its own meaning so we can go beyond the aesthetic and add compositions that give a symbolic touch to the event.

For example, roses have different meanings depending of its color; red roses mean passion and the unconditional love; the white roses mean pure love, honest and lifelong; the pink ones true love, friendship and sympathy; blue ones are related to the union in body and soul; the mauves, included in the floral bouquet, mean you found your soul mate.

In the case of the white marguerites the symbolize innocence and represent the childhood, the calm and the union; the jasmine the order and beauty; red tulips symbolize a sincere declaration of love; hydrangeas represent the courage and the meaning of the orchids depend of the color. In addition, it´s the only flower where the yellow color has a positive meaning.

There is not a “perfect flower” but lots of options that can be adapted to your personality so your wedding will be as you always thought.

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Even if you know the meaning of the different types of flowers and you know which one is your favorite, having the opinion of the expert voice like ours to combine perfectly these elements will be the key factor to give your wedding the spectacular and different touch that you are looking for.

Knowledge give us the capacity to handle your big day to fit every piece perfectly. We will do it with professionalism, care and know-how. You will not regret having hired the services of an expert flower shop specialized in floral decoration for weddings. Let us work in your weddingThere are lots of details to bear in mind when including floral motifs into a wedding. As we said previously, they are present in every single moment of that unique and special day. The first moment we´ll notice the positive impact of the floral decoration is at the arrival in the venue.

There we´ll give the first impression to our guests so it´s very important to take care of the type of flowers and the composition of the motifs that they will see. The idea is creating a romantic and sweet environment that evoques the big emotion of your event.

In other side, the wedding car will be the centre of attention between the guests. It is important to pay extra attention and care to the floral decoration on it as it will be one of the first things that guests will see.

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The floral decoration for your Wedding will be the main feature from the begining  until the end , without losing a single detail. From the ceremony, to the celebration, passing by your beloved ones and all your important persons in such a great day.

Once the ceremony has finished it´s time to celebrate. Finally that special moment where relatives and friends will be lucky to share with the newlyweds a memorable moment; an endless celebration day, laughs, tears, dances, emotions and feelings that will keep the sensitivity of everyone who is assisting the event very high. In this beautiful moment flowers are a must. A well decorated table will be the best way to create a warm and kind invitation to start the celebration.

Flowers play a fundamental role in a wedding but in order to fulfill their rol correctly its very important count with the help of experts professionals who know exactly what they are doing and why they do it. Because, in the same way way that a floral decoration, with his correct study with professionals, gives a unique touch to the event environment, doing so without a concept, an idea and a previous work and study the result can be terrible.

In a day where everything is seen in detail, we encourage you to give us the opportunity of collaborating with you and offer you the tranquility of having a good result where your only worry will be choosing the colors, shapes and colors with the advice of a specialist team.

Ramos de novia - Bridal Bouquets
tocados florales - Floral Touches
centros florales para bodas - Centerpieces For Weddings

Flower bouquets

The flower bouquet is the most memorable element of the event but it is only the tip of the iceberg in the floral planificación for your wedding.

A well composed flower bouquet with the right type of flowers will be part of your look and it will be the most visible complement you will wear.

We want to hear you and know the type of floral bouquet that you always dreamt of. We´ll help you recommending you different types based on our experience and your personality. Without any doubt you will find the best floral bouquet for you and also for the person who catches it.

floral touches

The floral touches will be the accompaniment that will guide your guests in a magical and special environment and the centerpiece will be the most personal element.

The floral bouquet is not the only important complement in the event based on flowers. Floral touches have also an important role. They will give an elegant and romantic touch for your style.

There are a multitude of options when we want to create a floral touch, as many as types of flowers, colors and ideas that next to you we can bring to the table.

centerpieces for weddings

The floral decoration it´s not only something referred to the scene but also is a fundamental element for the couple, the real protagonists of the celebration.

The floral decoration of your wedding will give a special touch to your big day, taking care of All the details, nothing can be left in one of the most important moments of your life.

For your wedding rely on the experience of a specialized and professional flower shop as Victoria Florista. We´ll be expecting you